Solar Energy

Atlantic Brewing Company is proud to be solar powered through Ampion Community Solar Energy! With Ampion, we’re able to support clean solar energy without putting panels on our rooftops. When you enroll with Community Solar, Ampion will give you a $100 gift card to Atlantic Brewing and they’ll make a $100 donation to Open Table MDI! Learn more on how to sign up HERE

Flat Hat

Proceeds from our Flat Hat Pale Ale go to monitoring water quality in Jordan Pond through Friends of Acadia and Acadia National Park.

Recycled Water

Rinse water used in packaging is recycled to irrigate our lawns and gardens.

Wastewater System

Our on site wastewater system treats waste with friendly bacteria, greatly reducing our carbon footprint.

Recycled Grains

99% of waste grains and yeast from both of our brewhouses are recycled for animal feed and compost.

Local Transportation

Over 80% of beer sales remain in the greater Bar Harbor area. That means a shorter transportation distance, and less waste!

Brewhouse Design

Our building design utilizes a reflective coating and low angle south-facing glass to keep our brewhouse cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Recycled Paper

We recycle the packaging for our beer and soda sold in Acadia National Park.

Heat Exchange

Energy is recycled using a heat exchange system that turns cold well water into the warm water we reuse in our brewing process and around our brewhouse, reducing our need for fossil fuels.